Character Combine

Our Vision

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Character Combine is a one-day event that assesses, develops, and celebrates character in college, high school, and youth sports.  Its intensive experiential training inspires coaches and athletes to create teams that habitually exhibit the four cornerstones of character: VIRTUE, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and TRUST.

The Combine opens the door to a continued dialog on campuses across the region.  From our highly sought Athlete’s Only Saturday Sessions to Side Line Sportsmanship Training for coaches to Pre-Game Talks, Character Combine will mentor nearly 2000 athletes each school year.




The way we were coached is rarely the most appropriate way for us to coach.  First, the coaches of our youth rarely had the skills to develop the well-being and confidence of every player on a team.  Usually the best players got the best treatment, and even then the “break-down, build-up” approach prevailed, although coaches were often only skilled at the first half of that equation; and even with this deficiency, that approach was grossly flawed and has been proven time and again not to be very effective.  In fact, it’s been shown to be counter-productive.


What works are approaches that develop well-being and confidence, yet few coaches are schooled, let alone experienced, at creating such environments.  We don’t share this as a criticism.  We’re merely reflecting observations made by so many coaches, athletes, administrators, and parents over the years.  There are better ways, and the Character Combine highlights them so our youth, as well as coaches, parents, and communities, can have a more enjoyable and beneficial sports experience.

In today’s sports culture, an athlete’s talent, performance, and in many cases personality, are what garner attention.  Character, unfortunately, has taken a back seat to these, as opposed to the driver’s seat where it belongs.  If unaddressed, a win-at-all-cost mentality takes over, followed by selfishness, poor sportsmanship, and anger.  This cripples teams, their pursuit of their goals, and their primary purpose – to develop young people of character.


In the absence of a purposeful, character-based culture, poor behavior spills over to other aspects of life: classroom disruptions, academic under-performance, lethargy, run-ins with the law, personal relationships that lack intimacy, etc.  The risks are clear.  We are doing something about it!

Character Combine is a one-day event that is fast paced.  Our educational venue brings top speakers in from around the nation to speak on ‘increased character, on and off the field.’  Using a state of the art presentation, multi-media production, and break out sessions, Character Combine transforms coaches, campuses, and players of influence.

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The athletic community must redefine success, placing an increased commitment on character development.  The contribution athletes ultimately make in life and their community is the watermark for true success.




This is Character Combine.